The best professional service

I am a longtime patient of Dr. Fay’s and I have always had the best professional service and care with every appointment.


I have been extremely satisfied

I have been extremely satisfied with the proficient and considerate dental treatment I have received from Dr. Terese Fay. I would highly recommend her professional service.


Educated, progressive, caring, and genuinely interested

I began going to Dr. Fay on recommendation from a friend a few years ago. I have stayed with her ever since! She is educated, progressive, caring, and genuinely interested in my overall health. I have since recommended many of my friends to go to Dr. Fay as well!

K.F., Manhattan

Absolutely wonderful!

Terese is absolutely wonderful! Going to the dentist is never pleasant, but she goes out of her way to minimize the painful parts of it. She knows her work well and is very good about giving vital advice on taking care of my teeth, to prevent me from having to visit her more than the standard two times a year. I know my teeth are in good hands with Terese!

C. Johnson, Ossining, NY

Dr. Fay helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist

Dr. Fay helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, calming, and focused. She makes time to explain things so I can understand them clearly and has a great sense of humor. Dr. Fay is always investing in her development and knowledge of dentistry. I highly recommend Dr. Fay.

A. Dab

Thorough, meticulous and skilled

Dr. Fay has been taking care of our family’s dental care needs for the last 10 years. From standard cleanings to more intense procedures she is always thorough, meticulous and skilled. I trust her advice and judgement more than any other dentist I have ever known. Without hesitation, I can say that my teeth have never looked better or been healthier as a result of her excellent care. I would recommend her services to anyone, and I have!

Jill Montaigne

I am so happy with her careful and thoughtful work

Dr. Terese N. Fay has been my dentist for over 10 years. I am so happy with her careful and thoughtful work that I have referred my husband and friends to her over the years. She is always very professional, patient and pleasant to be around. Plus, I appreciate her attention to detail and the way she educates me on what she’s doing to help comfort the nerves. Highly recommended.

L. Johnson

I trust her with all of my dental health

Dr. Fay is wonderful. I have been going to her for years and will be returning for years to come. I trust her with all of my dental health.

A. Simons


Great, caring dentist.


Her work ethic is impeccable

Dr. Terese Fay is AMAZING! Probably the best dentist I know. I have so much respect for her work ethic. I came to see her a couple of months ago because I had been experiencing issues with my crown for over a year. Dr. Fey knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. She is extremely detailed and her work ethic is impeccable. She is also friendly and attentive to your concerns. She always makes me feel comfortable and is very respectful. I would highly recommend her!!


Dr. Fay is exacting

I like your services because you don’t push procedures that I obviously don’t need.

Milton J. Pappas

She sets a standard

Dr. Terese Fay was my dentist when I lived and taught in New York City. She was attentive, kind, thorough, and always up on the latest advancements and schools of thought in her field. She sets a standard for herself that will be difficult to match even in a city like New York, and still does not hesitate to consult when she thinks it beneficial for her patient.

Emily Hess

Dr. Fay puts you at ease immediately

Dr Fay puts you at ease immediately and then treats you with first rate professional care. It is obvious that she loves her work and the always satisfying results reflect her commitment to excellence.

F. Tinghino

She is one in a million!

I have been going to her for over 7 years, she is warm, kind and extremely professional. I had been to several other dentists in NYC who had given me misguided information about the amount of dental work I would need before landing on Dr. Fay.

She is one in a million!

E. Jordan

She sees the long-term implications

Dr. Fay looks at her patients through a wide-angle lens. She sees the long-term implications of a patient’s dental health before advising them regarding their dentistry needs. No other dentist ever took the trouble to advise me in this manner before.

Luisa B.

Cutting edge

I tell everyone that discovering Dr. Fay was like entering an entire new century. Her knowledge, skill and equipment are all cutting edge. Unlike my previous dentist everything she does lasts and fits correctly. I used to have to carry dental floss to use after visiting a restaurant. Now, every tooth fits like a glove.

Mike Berman

Trustworthy and excellent

Dr. Fay is a trustworthy and excellent dentist. I never feel that she pushes for unnecessary interventions and she always includes the patient in treatment decisions.

She is very approachable and easy to reach if you ever have any issues or concerns. Her supportstaff is also excellent, making you feel comfortable and welcomed.

My entire family loves Dr. Fay, including my kids! I highly recommend her services.

Jen C.



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