Patient had bonding done a few times over of his left front tooth. Bonding is a simple, minimally invasive way to correct chips. However, since the bonding did not hold, the more reliable option of a veneer was elected. This also allowed to correct the underlying discoloration of the tooth. We were very satisfied with the shade match. Matching one front tooth to the other is considered to be difficult especially as the eye is drawn to the front two teeth and it loves symmetry. On top of that, when the two teeth that one tends to zero in on are side by side, even the slightest color mismatch can seem “off”. For this reason, many dentists may recommending that both teeth get veneers. My preference is to keep treatment to a minimum while considering a long term view. Through great communication with an outstanding dental lab, including the patient visiting the lab, we were able to achieve a great result without needing to treat his other tooth.